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Alun Richards
4 min readMar 11, 2019


Market Your Book Effectively

If you’re a published author who wants to know how to get your book to sell, then you need to avoid making these 3 book promotion mistakes and start to market your book effectively!

Mistake №1: Not Using All The Free Marketing Resources

The fact is that there are a ton of free resources available to you to market your book. You just have to know what they are and how to use them.

What’s important about making this mistake is many authors think that they need to rush into paid promotion services like Google Ads. You don’t, and they can cost you a fortune! If you do use them you’ll rapidly end up broke and disillusioned. And your book will probably still not be selling well.

So firstly making use of all the free promotion resources is critical for every published author’s success. Because if you don’t, it means you’ll have done all the work to write a book that won’t actually sell at all!

What Should You Do Instead?

My suggestion is to before you rush into paid promotion, exhaust all the free means of promotion open to you. And there are many of these. For example, if you publish on Amazon, there is Author Central. This allows every author published on Amazon to create a promotion page for themselves for free.

This can include a short biography to tell your audience all about you as an author. It can include a picture of you. It’s best if you include a professionally-shot head & shoulders picture.

You can (and should!) link to all your Amazon-published books to your Author Central page, and can even include videos.

It’s incredible how many authors don’t use this free service. When you do use it, Amazon will place a link next to every book you sell, back to Author Central. This helps your audience see what other books you have published. And did I mention that it’s free?

Mistake №2: Not Using Amazon’s Other Promotion Tools Effectively

Amazon doesn’t stop with Author Central. It has several other free tools for you. It makes no sense to ignore these opportunities that are handed to you on a plate. One of the most effective of Amazon’s promotion services is KDP Select. And again, they provide this for FREE.

As a published author, this means if you don’t take advantage of this, quite honestly, you need your head examined.

Here’s how it works. Amazon will promote your book FOR FREE with . You can put your Kindle book (you do have a Kindle version of your book, right?) on free promotion for up to 5 days every 90 days.

If you don’t use it, you’re ignoring a service that the biggest bookshop in the world provides to you for free. Amazon will even help you get attention for your free promotion! You’d be barking mad not to use this service.

Bottom Line With This Free Service?

You should enroll your Kindle book in KDP Select. You can do this for free at It involves giving Amazon exclusive rights to sell your book for 90 days. You’re not allowed to sell it anywhere else — your website, for example — during those 90 days. So just go there and start your free promotion.

Mistake №3: Not Getting Experienced Help

This mistake is regrettably very common. A lot of authors think they can do it all themselves — despite not having a background in marketing. And I have sympathy with that — indeed I encourage people to do as much as they can themselves. The trouble is that the learning curve can be long and exhausting.

As a published author, here’s what making this mistake really means: learning how to promote your book by trial and error is not the way to go. It’s time-consuming and costly, not to mention ineffective.

If you decide to do everything yourself, you could be missing out. And for just a little outlay, you can start to get your book promoted effectively.

So avoid this mistake! Get me to help you — at least to start with. I will run a KDP Select Promotion for you, I’ll promote this with 25 book promotion sites and give you email templates to prompt your audience to grab your book — and give you more reviews. This all means loads more eyeballs on your book. It means people will try it out. You’ll probably get more reviews.

Get Promoting!

Think about these common mistakes published authors make. There’s quite a bit there, but you now have enough to get started.

And compared to the alternative of actually making those mistakes and not being able to market your book effectively — well, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Are you like many authors who believe marketing your book is too costly? If so, don’t ignore this advice if you want to get your book to sell.

One more thing. You can get me to help you for very little outlay. Check this out:



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