Book Publishing Made Easy

Book Publishing Made Easy

Would you like your book publishing made easy? If so, what are all the steps to publishing your book? Well, the great news is that there are only three steps. You write your book, edit it and you publish it. There. Simple, right? Here they are.

  1. Write Your Book

But like any process, the devil is in the detail. Let’s look more closely at those steps.

1. Write Your Book

The first step to publishing your book is to create it! And the best person to write your book is you. It’s your book and will sound most authentic in your voice.

So however you choose to create your book, just get on with it, plan it out and get it done. For most people, just naming your chapters, decomposing them into sections and starting writing those sections is enough. Yes, you’ll need to create a writing plan for any book bigger than a pamphlet, but this process will work for all types of books.

When the writing is done, we will come to the editing.

2. Edit Your Book

Unlike step 1, the best person to edit your book is not you. In fact, anyone but you might be preferable.

Yes, you can use spell check and run your text past Grammarly yourself, but that’s not what I mean by editing.

A good editor looks beyond your spelling into the structure of your book and the story it tells. They look to see the sections of your book have continuity and make sense. They check what you’ve written is understandable to your target audience.

A good editor can also ensure your authentic voice comes across in your text.

3. Publish Your Book

When editing is finally complete, you have some choices about publishing. For many authors, self-publishing with print on demand publishers is most attractive.

With self-publishing, the author typically retains all rights to their book AND any derivative products. This is particularly important for consultants or trainers whose income can rely on these.

By derivative products I mean things like training courses, coaching and online products. All the rights to these would be owned by your traditional publisher, were the content to be based on your book.

So for consultants, trainers, coaches and other solo entrepreneurs, I strongly recommend you self-publish.

Who Can Help Me Self-Publish?

The great news now is that self-publishing is straightforward. You can do most of it yourself. I would recommend getting your book cover created professionally, though.

If you choose to self-publish with Amazon, Lulu or LightningSource, it may help you to engage someone familiar with their process. This shouldn’t cost too much.

Book Publishing Made Easy!

Want To Take The Short-Cut To Publishing? Who doesn’t?

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Alun Richards is an internet marketer and book coach who helps his clients to get more customers through publishing books and using the internet.