Be Like Caesar — Carpe Diem and Get Your Book Published

Carpe Diem — Seize The Day! Caesar was a brilliant military tactician. He’s the one Roman ruler people remember. So, do you, similarly, want to make yourself slightly famous? To become better known in your field?

The one guaranteed way to get authority and credibility in your market is to publish a book.

So if you’re serious about learning how to finally have your book published, then I’ve got three mistakes here you need to learn how to avoid, FAST.

Mistake № 1: Not Having a Realistic Plan To Create Your Book

Here’s the big thing aspiring authors must understand about this all too common mistake: if you don’t have a realistic plan that will deliver your book that’s costed and resourced then you will never have your book published.

Aspiring authors need to understand this mistake means it will take you years — literally years — to write your book. Sadly, most people either don’t have a realistic plan for book writing. Writing a book is a significant undertaking. It needs detailed planning and disciplined management.

Creating a realistic plan spells the difference between success and failure for everyone because if you don’t you’ll fall at the first hurdle. If you don’t have a workable plan there is no way the book you envision will be delivered. All the benefits you imagined from having a published book will evaporate.

But Why a Detailed Plan?

The sad thing is that most aspiring authors just don’t realise how big a task the writing of a book is. Aspiring authors often believe that writing their book might take a few weeks. After all, they’ve probably had experiences of pulling all-nighters to complete a report for work or for college.

Experienced authors, however, know that book writing — especially for your first book — can take anywhere from four to ten years before you see your name in print. Yes, you read that right. Four to ten years.

And for those sorts of time periods, you need a plan to keep you on track. Otherwise you’ll simply give up.

And It’s Not Just The Writing …

Writing your book is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of book creation. There are so many other activities to manage.

You first need to decide exactly what sort of book you want. You need to research whether there’s a demand for such a book. Then, if there is, research how long that will take you to create without help — doing it all yourself.

Include time to research the areas you don’t know intimately. When you’ve done that, define the book that you want in detail — number of words — hardback, paperback, ebook, Kindle book.

Then decide how it will be published — conventional publisher or self-published. And decide what help you’ll need in terms of graphics for the cover, proof-reading, editing and layout.

Mistake № 2: Not Sticking To Your Realistic Book Creation Plan

The important thing to understand with this is execution is everything. The best plan in the world is useless if it’s not put into action. Caesar knew this.

What’s vital for everyone to understand about this mistake is that if you don’t take action your book will not be completed. It sounds too simplistic. But it’s true. You need a credible plan and you need to take action. Every day, every week until your book is complete.

Steering clear of this mistake is critical for Kindle book writing success because if you don’t you won’t get the benefits you seek as a published author. You won’t get the published author status you seek. You won’t be perceived as the obvious expert.

Look at Your Field

Seriously, consider the field you’re in right now. Who are the people who are obvious experts? They are the people who have at least one book published. It doesn’t matter which field you’re in. The published authors have authority and credibility.

My advice is to stick to the plan you have for book creation. Yes it may be hard. Yes, it may involve day after day of writing for months. But if you don’t take action, nothing will come of your dream to be a published author.

Mistake № 3: Trying Publish Your Book The Traditional Way

Way too many people assume that the best and only way is to get published the traditional way. With this thinking you have to sit over a typewriter or a word processor for weeks or months on end, banging out sentence after sentence, word after word.

And what this really means is you’re tying yourself to technologies that handicap you and mean you are far less productive than you could be.

Steering clear of this mistake is vital because if you don’t avoid it you’ll be wasting so much of your valuable time getting your ideas across.

What Should You Do Instead?

If on the other hand you merely dictate your book and then get it edited, you can produce a book in a fraction of the time you’ll take to type it out.

In one stroke you reduce the huge writing task to one of editing. And you’ll probably already have found that editing anything is way easier than creating it in the first place.

So dictate your book into an audio recorder — or use Google or even your smart phone. Get it transcribed, then edit it.

Then What’s The Next Step?

Want my advice as a published author and book coach? Once you have your book, if you then publish on Amazon’s Kindle, you can cut 18 months to two years off the time it takes you to get published!

And with Amazon, you’ll be able to reach billions of people around the world who would not be able to get your conventionally published book. This will not only make your book available faster, make it available worldwide but Amazon will also pay you vastly more per sale than a conventional publisher.

Obviously this article about Kindle book writing mistakes to avoid only touches the surface of all the things a aspiring author needs to know. But it does cover the most common mistakes I see as a book coach.

Take the time to keep learning about the right methods to finally have your book published so you can achieve the title of “published author!” It will be time well spent.

Want a Faster Way?

With my Kindle 5 Day Service you can finally have your book published on Kindle — and in just 5 days! With only one hour of your time!

Full details of what you get are here: And if you use the coupon code 5DAYBOOK, you’ll get an instant $53 reduction.



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Alun Richards

Alun Richards

Alun Richards is an internet marketer and book coach who helps his clients to get more customers through publishing books and using the internet.