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Choosing Your Book Website Theme

What Should You Look For When Selecting a WordPress Theme?

Alun Richards
3 min readFeb 4, 2021


Image by Alun Richards based on Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay and Mematic

You may have already decided on WordPress as your book website platform. If so, I think that’s a wise decision. If not, check out this article below for my reasons.

If you have decided to opt for WordPress, you may not be sure what the best Theme is for you. And I get that. It’s a minefield out there. There are thousands of free themes and many hundreds of affordable themes too.

Free doesn’t always mean good, and mistakes in theme choice can be costly in terms of development work needed on your site. So how on Earth can you narrow down the choice?

What Does Your Theme Do?

Let’s look at what a theme does for you. Broadly your WordPress Theme governs your site’s look and feel. So that’s the layout on the screen, fonts, colours, images, menus and general appearance. But themes can control way more than that.

In terms of a Book Website, what features should your theme offer?

Theme Features

  • Easy to use
  • Looks Good
  • Clear, simple navigation
  • MDA obvious
  • Your Bio
  • Book Description
  • Easy to create optin page
  • Easy to create a sales page
  • Supports easy creation of legal pages

Let’s look at each of those in a bit more detail.

Easy to Use

From an Admin’s point of view, the theme should be easy to configure. So no relying on editing css or php to get it to do what you need. And it should be configurable without needing to employ costly tailoring resource.

Looks Good



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