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Creating a Buy Now Button For Your Website

The Most Important Part of Your Website — The Link to Buy Your Book

Alun Richards
4 min readFeb 2, 2021
Image by Alun Richards based on Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

The prime purpose of a book website is to sell your book! So why not make it easy for your readers? Include a prominent link to where your book is available to buy. In many cases this will be an Amazon Buy Button.

Your Buy Button

You don’t want your Buy Button hidden on some interior page. You do not want people to search for it!You want visitors to arrive at the site and see it right there.

So place it prominently on the front page. After all, you do want to sell your book, don’t you?

If your book is available on Amazon, put an Amazon buy button on your website. If it’s online elsewhere, say via Lulu, use that button.

Why Not Just Use a Text Link?

But why not just post the Amazon text link and not a button?

Firstly because buttons are much more compelling. Everyone knows what they’re there for. We all know what they do. They are instantly recognisable in the way that text links just aren’t.

Also, bear in mind your website works as a whole. It’s not just the button. Your website should present all the information about your book and you that a prospect might want.

It should cover background on you, an overview of the features & benefits of your book and blog posts. All focused and all in one place.

It should then be an obvious decision to click the buy button.

The Acid Test For Your Website

Let’s explain why all of this is important. In terms of marketing websites, there is a concept called the Most Desired Action or MDA.

What is this exactly? It’s the one thing you want your website visitor to do. It’s the real purpose of your website. And what to do should be obvious for the first time visitor.

The Most Desired Action

What is your Most Desired Action? If you’re an author it’s to sell your book…



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