Finished Writing? Now Check Your Content!

Review What You’ve Written – Make Sure It’s What You Want To Say

Alun Richards
3 min readOct 20, 2020
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You’re Writing Your Book …

My TOPIC process guides you through writing your book — quickly and easily. You Title your book, create an Outline, Pose Questions, Insert Content and Check Your Content. TOPIC – easy, right?

If you’ve followed my process this far, by now you’ll have written your book. Congratulations! But we haven’t quite finished yet. Now we need to Check your content.

How To Check Your Content!

Once you’ve inserted your content — step four of my TOPIC process — we need to Check it. In other words, review it. And, if necessary, edit it.

Read it through. Is it clear what you’re trying to say at every stage? Or is there a better way to put what you’ve written?

You want readers to understand your content as well as you do.

Does your writing have a logical flow? Has anything been missed out? Is there any assumed knowledge you’ve not included? Any repetition? Any cliches?

On reflection, is your content structured in the best way, or could it be improved?

Read your book from your reader’s perspective.

Put yourself in your readers’ shoes. You may then realise you need to add some extra content. When you spot that, simply add more text.

Making it Clearer

When writing books, clarity is everything.

You may need to add examples or related stories to fully get across your concepts to your readers. Perhaps in places if you use a metaphor or simile you’d aid how readers understand it.

If any section is unclear, rephrase it.

Spell & Grammar Check

Microsoft Word has a spelling and grammar check built in. So if you’re using Word, do make use of this. It will prevent many gross spelling or grammar mistakes. Consider using Grammarly — there’s a free version — which is…



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