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How Do I Get Started Writing My Non-Fiction Book?

Practical Ways To Get Unstuck And Begin Writing Your Book

Alun Richards
3 min readNov 13, 2020


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Are you an aspiring author? Do you just want to get finally get your book written? But do you feel like writer’s block is conspiring against you and sabotaging your success? Are you fed up of staring at a keyboard?

It may be that you just need a small prompt to help you get started. Well, look no further because this short article may give you the answers you need. Follow this and you won’t have to slave over your keyboard for months on end. Best of all, it will put you on the fast-track to book writing success right now.

What is the book writing tip? This tip is simple, succinct and powerful! Here it is.

Write About What You Know

Write about what you know! Write about your experience — insights that have helped you in your job. The practical things you can do in situations where newcomers get stuck.

We all have these. And you’ll have loads.

But I Don’t Know Anything!

Look, if you’ve worked for a while in any given field, that’s just not true. You simply cannot work in a role for years without assembling a huge amount of practical knowledge. There are things you know that can help other people. It may be how to go about doing something.

Perhaps it’s an unusual approach that just works. It may be knowledge that is not that widespread — a distinction or two that help people get over problems.

But it will be based on your unique knowledge, skills and experience in a particular field. We all have these gems, but we can tend to dismiss them as “It’s just something that everyone knows.”

But it may surprise you that your unique knowledge is just that — unique. If you’ve worked in a given field for, say 10 years, you’ll have loads of these. And they can all help someone. And the way to do that is to put them together in a book and get it published.



Alun Richards

Alun Richards is an internet marketer and book coach who helps his clients to get more customers through publishing books and using the internet.