Kindle Book Promotions That Are Cost-Effective

Alun Richards
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Abe’s Kindle Book Promotions

Kindle book promotions — people still have trouble with them. But Old Abe knew a few things about a few things. He knew how to abolish slavery, sign the emancipation proclamation and defeat the Confederacy. And he liked the theatre — well up to a point.

Everybody knows that.

And one thing he was particularly good at was Kindle book promotions! He was most excellent at promoting his Kindle books. He used a particular blend of promotion that was both cost-effective and made the best use of his limited time. Some people thought his methods were lost in the mists of time. But now I can reveal his Kindle book promotion secrets!

What Book Promotion Is Not About

Abe knew it wasn’t about advertising — that never really worked for books. The trouble with advertising is the amount of money that you have to spend to get any recognition for your product. And the cost/benefit equation really doesn’t work for books.

No, he knew that there were other means that were far more effective. Ways you can use to get your book noticed by your target market. Ways to pique your market’s interest.

What’s The Alternative?

So many authors either don’t promote their books at all — which, surprisingly results in no sales. Or they use methods that are ineffective in terms of time. Methods that just tie you up constantly. Or they use promotion tactics that are way too expensive.

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

Want to change all that and use effective Kindle book promotions that work? And use methods that won’t cost an arm and a leg?

If you’re a published Kindle author, why not avoid the two biggest mistakes that published authors like you unwittingly make.

Cost-effective Kindle Book Promotions

Just use your newfangled interwebs access to navigate to And make Abe proud!



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