Making Your Book A Best-seller — Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Make Your Book a Best-seller — Part 1

Alun Richards
2 min readSep 9, 2019


If you’re an author who wants to know how to make their book a best-seller, there are certain mistakes that you MUST avoid.

Here’s the first — and most common — mistake that I see.

Mistake №1: Not Establishing Whether There’s A Market For Your Book

It’s really simple, but as an aspiring author, you really need to understand this mistake. You see, so many authors assume that just because they think a topic is important, that other people will do too. They don’t put themselves in the position of their audience.

This is critical, as if you publish a book just based on your hunches, the chances are your hunches will be wrong. Other people will not necessarily have the same likes, dislikes and preferences as you. And you’ll probably waste a huge amount of time writing a book that no-one really wants.

That means you’ll do all the work to write a book that just won’t sell. You’ll have wasted months, possibly years writing a book to no avail.

What To Do Instead

First of all, you need to establish whether there’s a market for your book. And to do this you need to see whether books like yours are actually selling. Luckily, that’s a whole lot easier than it used to be.

You can see on Amazon what books are best-sellers in your field, if any. And you even see how many they are selling! Amazon has a Sales Rank for each book — the lower this is, the more a given book sells.

This will give you an indication of whether your book, in your chosen field, is likely to sell.

What’s The Next Step?

Don’t get overly confident now that you know the answer to avoiding this book creation mistake! There’s a lot more to learn if you want to publish your book and make it a best-seller.

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