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The TOP 3 Book Writing Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Needs To Avoid Like The Plague

Effective Strategies To Get Your Book Written

Alun Richards
4 min readFeb 17, 2021


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So you’re an entrepreneur? Then you’ll know that writing a book is about the best thing you can do to raise the profile of your business. And if you’re serious about that, then you need to avoid making these three crippling book writing mistakes at all costs.

So what are these three mistakes, and what should you do instead?

Mistake No. 1: Not Deciding What To Write About

You want to write and publish your book. But you actually have to decide what you’ll write about first.

Otherwise you’ll spend an inordinate amount of time procrastinating what the subject should be. This is particularly true of those who have many interests. Like Buridan’s Ass, they never decide which option to take and therefore never start writing.

Avoiding this mistake is the difference between success and failure for a writer, because if you don’t decide, you’ll keep putting off starting to write. And this means you’ll never write the book that will help you build your business. And surely, that’s what most entrepreneurs want to use their book for in the first place? You see, the secret of book publishing for entrepreneurs is simply this:

The way to make a fortune with your book is to use it as a tool to get more business.

You see, you don’t make a huge amount of money by selling your book. The unit price is just too low. But the credibility you have as a published author means you’re much more likely to get your higher-priced services purchased.

So How Can You Do That?

The best thing is to focus on a narrow topic that is of extreme interest to your ideal prospects and customers. So pick something that keeps them awake at night. Something that costs them time and money. Ideally, focus on their biggest problem. If you can solve that, they’ll buy your book and hopefully seek you out as a problem-solver for them.

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