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Want To Sell More Books? A Quick And Easy Secret To Sell More Books

Use LiveStreaming To Promote Your Book and More …

Alun Richards
3 min readMar 29, 2021
Sell More Books
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Are you an aspiring writer whose number one desire is to sell more books? Then this quick book promotion secret holds the keys you need to succeed. And unlike some promotion strategies, it really needn’t take long.

My Secret To Sell More Books Is:

You Can Promote Your Book Effectively In About 20 Minutes A Day With Video!

Alun Richards

Yes, that’s all it takes. And you do this by leveraging the power of Live-streaming and social media. “But do I have the right equipment?”, I hear you ask. Got a smart phone? Well, that’s all you need — so read on …

Promote Your Book Via LiveStreaming

If your target market are not even aware of your book, you will simply not sell more books! So let’s put that right straight away.

If you’re an aspiring writer, here’s the secret: get on Facebook and do a quick LiveStream video. Videos, as you probably know, are popular on social media. And Facebook will promote your LiveStreams as it’s keen to see more of them. So you’re likely to get your LiveStream seen.

Even better — once you’ve created it live, it gets posted to your Facebook Newsfeed so your followers can see it. Better still is that you can then repurpose that content to multiple places.

To make this work, simply focus on one central topic each day and work on that. It can be material from your book. Or even material related to your book.

The thing that makes this work is focus. It’s like the light of the sun through a magnifying glass setting a tree on fire — it’s what will get you results quickly. You focus on one area each day and deal with up to five points for each area.

How Do You Go About It?

It works like this. Just make a list of three things you can talk about, and come up with five points about each one. Then go and do a video each day for the next three days. You’ll be surprised how much content you can generate, just talking on those five points. Five too many? Fine, just do three.

Don’t overthink this. List the three things and the points to discuss. Then just do it. Post to relevant Facebook groups and other social media. Post to Instagram and Pinterest.

Now Repurpose Your Videos!

You’ll now have three videos — and these might be from 5 minutes to 15 minutes each. Get these transcribed and edited. You now have anything from three to fifteen articles that you can post to your blog and/or Medium.

Just think — If you Livestream on Facebook for three days, just a few minutes a time, you’ll have the basis of a short ebook — and/or a long article. Or even the beginning of a short course. All from shooting three short videos. So you’re creating new content at the same time as you’re promoting your book. Good, huh?

Obviously pick a topic that your target market care about that you also know well. Bonus tip: don’t simply read from your book. You get more leverage from generating related content. And it will sound more natural.

Want More Book Promotion Ideas?

Here’s one more thing — if you’re an aspiring writer who is serious about book promotion success. You can sell more books via a bit of targeted promotion.

It doesn’t need to be costly. This article entitled “Book Promotion Made Easy” will help you do just that and more! Check it out here:



Alun Richards

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