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What Are The Essential Parts of a Book Website?

What Should Each Component Contain?

Alun Richards
4 min readFeb 3, 2021


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Considering a Book Promotion Website?

If you’re considering a book promotion website, you might also be wondering what it should contain. Other than a prominent button to buy your book, of course.

You may already have read my Why Have a Book Website article. If not, it’s here.

That may be useful as an overview or checklist, but what do these sections actually entail? Read on …

Essential Book Website Sections

Other than having a Buy Now button for your book, what else should your book website contain? Let’s consider what positions you and your book in the best way and how we can maximise the chance of visitors clicking your Buy Now button.

In the next sections, I cover the other website sections you’ll benefit from having, and what they should contain for maximum impact. Let’s kick off with the details of your book.

Details of Your Book

With a book website, you have an excellent opportunity to tell people about your book. But how should you structure your website to do just that?

If you’ve already published your book, you’ll have written the ‘back of the book blurb’ or the Description as Amazon calls it. The Description has the reasons people might want to buy your book, and hints about its contents. So have this easily accessible via a menu on your site.

But what exactly should this book Description contain? Assuming you have a non-fiction book, talk about what the book gives or does for the reader. What will they have once they’ve read it? If your book has major sections, discuss what they cover.

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