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Why Choose WordPress For Your Book Website?

What Are The Features of WordPress That Make it The Best Choice For Authors?

Alun Richards
3 min readFeb 1, 2021


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So you’ve decided to have a book website to promote your book? Great! Now we need to talk about website platforms.

Why Choose WordPress For Your Book Website?

Why do so many people choose WordPress as their website platform?

  • WordPress is used by around 60% of the world’s websites.
  • It’s easy to install and maintain.
  • It’s very flexible in terms of function and appearance.
  • Functionality is easy to add via plugins.

WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world and is used by nearly 75 million websites. This represents around 39% of the world’s websites.

WordPress is Free to Use

Staggeringly, for the world’s most popular website platform, WordPress code is free to use. Only your hosting and domain costs money — just like any website. There are no monthly fees, no annual fees, no licencing payments.

Loads of Experienced WordPress Resource

As WordPress is so widely used, there is a lot of experienced resource out there. And a lot of competition means low prices. That means there’s a lot of choice if you need some development or maintenance on your site.

It’s Easy To Learn

WordPress may appear a little daunting initially. But training and tips about WordPress and common plugins are widely available on YouTube and other sites.

Separation of Functions and Appearance

WordPress, unlike many platforms, makes the functionality of your site (what it does) and how it looks (its look & feel) separate. The look and feel of a WordPress site it determined by its Theme. Your Theme manages the colours, fonts, page layouts and more.



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