Writing and Publishing Your Book

Alun Richards
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Writing and Publishing Your Book

Do you want to get started writing and publishing your book? Great — this article should help you write and publish faster! Let me first tell you a little of how I got started in this field.

How Did I Get Started?

I got started in this field a few years back when I belonged to an entrepreneurs’ Mentoring Group. One day the Mentor set us all a task to publish a Kindle book in a month.

I was excited about this. But most people didn’t really know how to write or publish a book. They just didn’t know the pitfalls in the process. And when they attempted it, they came unstuck.

What I did was use the experience I had from writing technical articles for a non-technical audience and adapted that. I had experience in writing and structuring long, informative articles quickly. I used to write regularly for our technical newsletter. Then I got a regular slot writing coaching articles, based on my coaching experience.

I also knew how to create ebooks. I’d done that for myself and for clients. But I did need to discover how to publish ‘properly’. So I researched how to publish an ebook on Kindle, which was pretty new then. When I discovered it was pretty straightforward, I created and ran a free online training course on that. As a trainer and consultant, I was used to doing designing and running courses.

In that course, I shared all the problems that I’d come across and that I’d seen other people have. People in the group seemed to like it and find it useful. And many of them got their books published as a result.

Why Is Writing and Publishing your Book Important?

Being a published author is vital as a convincer if you’re a consultant, coach, therapist or trainer. As it is for any entrepreneur, in fact. It demonstrates that you have expert credibility and authority. I would say it’s even important for someone in an organisation. It really sets you apart from your colleagues.

Publishing a book differentiates you from your competition

This differentiates you from the others in your field who have not published. Not sure about this? Ask yourself whether you would prefer to accept advice from an author in your field or from someone who has doesn’t have published author status.

So if you’re an entrepreneur, you probably want to publish your book. But there’s a problem.

Single Biggest Myth About Publishing

What is the biggest publishing myth? It’s simply that it takes years to publish a book. And unfortunately, that’s actually true if you publish with a traditional publisher. With a traditional publisher, because of the processes they use, it will typically take you two years or more, even if the process is running smoothly.

That’s two years after you’ve completed writing your book. Imagine!

Have you got two years to spare? No? So can you avoid this timescale? The answer to that is “Yes you can!” So how could you proceed? What else could you do?

Action You Could Take Now

Luckily, with Amazon, publishing your book is easy. And it’s fast. You just need to create your book, then submit it to Amazon.

Write Your Book Fast

The great thing that many people don’t realise that there is no lower limit on the size of an Amazon Kindle book. For example, it doesn’t need to be War and Peace and take up years of your life to publish.

As long as the material in your book is valuable and it covers the topic you’ve picked, just get it published. And the advantage of writing a short book is that you can write another one just as quickly.

The reality is that you can get your book created rapidly, then publish it on Amazon’s Kindle.

Publish Your Book Fast!

Once you’ve written your book, you can make it available worldwide within 48 hours of it being uploaded to Amazon.

Why Might You Want to do This?

If the fact you can publish so quickly isn’t a sufficient convincer … When you publish on Kindle, you get 70% royalties rather than the 5% that is typical with traditional publishers.

So not only do you get your book out there and in the hands of your audience nearly two years sooner, but you also earn 14 times the royalties!

Want To Get Your Book Written and Published?

Like what you’ve heard so far? Great! Want to cut that learning time that my mentoring group experienced?

I can help you in writing and publishing your Kindle book in just 5 days. It will be available on Amazon and earning you 70% royalties with a week.

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