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Want To Get Your Book Selling? Then Avoid These Scary Mistakes

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You know, sometimes we all need a kick in the rear to get started promoting our books. Especially if you ever got mixed up with scary marketers touting expensive book ad campaigns.

But if you’re one of those authors who is ready to promote their own book for free, then read on. Because avoiding these three scary mistakes is the key every aspiring author needs.

Mistake #1: Not Promoting Your Book!

So many authors assume that because they’ve written and published their book that it will automatically sell. But nothing could be further from the truth! I want you to remember this:

No promotion = no…

Book Marketing | Book Promotion | LiveStreaming

Promote Your Book For Free With LiveStreaming Services


You’re an author right? So you’ll understand the absolute need to promote your book. In fact, most authors quickly find that No Promotion = No Sales. Promotion, then, is essential. But doesn’t book promotion cost money? And take lots of time?

Most of the time, yes, that’s true. So how would you like to discover a book promotion method that costs nothing, raises your profile AND generates valuable content at the same time?

It may in fact surprise you to discover …

You Can Promote Your Book Effectively In About 20 Minutes A Day With LiveStreaming Video!

Alun Richards


Book Marketing | Book Promotion | Livestreaming

Use LiveStreaming To Promote Your Book and More …

Sell More Books
Image by Author — base Image by KatinkavomWolfenmond from Pixabay

Are you an aspiring writer whose number one desire is to sell more books? Then this quick book promotion secret holds the keys you need to succeed. And unlike some promotion strategies, it really needn’t take long.

My Secret To Sell More Books Is:

You Can Promote Your Book Effectively In About 20 Minutes A Day With Video!

Alun Richards

Yes, that’s all it takes. And you do this by leveraging the power of Live-streaming and social media. “But do I have the right equipment?”, I hear you ask. Got a smart phone? Well, that’s all you need — so read on …

Promote Your Book Via LiveStreaming

If your target market…

Book Writing | Book Publishing | Writer’s Block

Effective Strategies To Get Your Book Written

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

So you’re an entrepreneur? Then you’ll know that writing a book is about the best thing you can do to raise the profile of your business. And if you’re serious about that, then you need to avoid making these three crippling book writing mistakes at all costs.

So what are these three mistakes, and what should you do instead?

Mistake No. 1: Not Deciding What To Write About

You want to write and publish your book. But you actually have to decide what you’ll write about first.

Otherwise you’ll spend an inordinate amount of time procrastinating what the subject should be. This is particularly true of those who have…

Book Writing | Content Creation | Writer’s Block

Creative Solutions to Writer’s Block — From Authors Themselves

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

So many authors claim to have writer’s block at some stage in their writing. And it can be paralysing, preventing any meaningful work.

But what actually IS ‘writer’s block’?

Oxford Languages (the online Oxford English Dictionary) defines it as:

the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

So is it just the inability to write what you need to work on? If so, what do authors actually do to get over it? And are those strategies useful? I decided I needed more data to find out what worked.

My Research Into Writer’s Block

In order to…

Book Marketing | Book Website | Book Promotion

What Should You Look For When Selecting a WordPress Theme?

Image by Alun Richards based on Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay and Mematic

You may have already decided on WordPress as your book website platform. If so, I think that’s a wise decision. If not, check out this article below for my reasons.

If you have decided to opt for WordPress, you may not be sure what the best Theme is for you. And I get that. It’s a minefield out there. There are thousands of free themes and many hundreds of affordable themes too.

Free doesn’t always mean good, and mistakes in theme choice can be costly in terms of development work needed on your site. …

Book Marketing | Book Websites | Book Promotion

What Should Each Component Contain?

Image by Alun Richards from MockupShots

Considering a Book Promotion Website?

If you’re considering a book promotion website, you might also be wondering what it should contain. Other than a prominent button to buy your book, of course.

You may already have read my Why Have a Book Website article. If not, it’s here.

That may be useful as an overview or checklist, but what do these sections actually entail? Read on …

Essential Book Website Sections

Other than having a Buy Now button for your book, what else should your book website contain? …

Book Marketing | Book Website |Book Promotion

The Most Important Part of Your Website — The Link to Buy Your Book

Image by Alun Richards based on Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

The prime purpose of a book website is to sell your book! So why not make it easy for your readers? Include a prominent link to where your book is available to buy. In many cases this will be an Amazon Buy Button.

Your Buy Button

You don’t want your Buy Button hidden on some interior page. You do not want people to search for it!You want visitors to arrive at the site and see it right there.

So place it prominently on the front page. After all, you do want to sell your book, don’t you?

If your book is available on…

Book Website Choice | WordPress Websites | Advantages of WordPress

What Are The Features of WordPress That Make it The Best Choice For Authors?

Image by Alun Richards based on WordPress Image by Dok Sev from Pixabay

So you’ve decided to have a book website to promote your book? Great! Now we need to talk about website platforms.

Why Choose WordPress For Your Book Website?

Why do so many people choose WordPress as their website platform?

  • WordPress is used by around 60% of the world’s websites.
  • It’s easy to install and maintain.
  • It’s very flexible in terms of function and appearance.
  • Functionality is easy to add via plugins.

WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world and is used by nearly 75 million websites. This represents around 39% of the world’s websites.

WordPress is Free to Use

Staggeringly, for the world’s most popular website platform, WordPress code…

Book Website | Book Marketing | Book Selling | Promote Your Book

What Your Book Website Should Do For You

Image: Book Website — Created by Alun Richards © 2021

So you want a book website? Why have one, what are the benefits and what should it contain? Read on …

Why Have a Book Website?

As author, why should you have a book website in the first place? What, in fact, is the purpose of having one?

When you wrote your book, my assumption is that you wanted to get it read. You wanted it to generate some buzz. That, and you probably wanted to get some income from it. To do all that, to get your book selling, you need to engage in marketing.

Alun Richards

Alun Richards is an internet marketer and book coach who helps his clients to get more customers through publishing books and using the internet.

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